“It was an incredible sight… I remember it well to this day: That young woman in her patchwork dress who walked towards us pulling a trunk along behind her. She stopped and opened it and withdrew the most unique miniature circus tent. She set the tent on the ground and opened it so we could see inside. From within her trunk she took out elegant little hoops and tiny trapeze. Very carefully she set these things within the open circus tent. Then she put a small whistle to her lips and the most magical thing happened: All manner of butterflies and moths poured fourth from her trunk and moved into the little circus tent. On that day this Mirabai Jasper introduced me to her butterfly circus…” – Snapdragon Tea, Cirque A Circa Stories

Butterfly Circus Tea by the Orange Moon Tea Society

Butterfly Circus Tea is a very aromatic floral blend of Gulabi tea, rose buds, jasmine blossoms, dried lemon, sarsaparilla, and rose & jasmine extract.


Pictured below are our
medium and sampler size loose leaf tin sizes.

Butterfly Circus Tea by the Orange Moon Tea Societ

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Butterfly Circus Tea