“I’ve always had a love of all things mysterious and magical. I remember at a very young age I would pick various flowers and herbs and attempt to make potions, perfumes, teas and tisanes. It seems this was an inherited trait. I come from a long line of those who infused magic into their every day lives, through palmistry, cooking, tarot and tea. And when I go back further, I see the penchant for Herbology has been there for quite sometime. It seems only natural that I would find myself recreating a family tradition relating to that most mysterious of drinks, the infamous Absinthe…” Absinthe and the Sisters Henriod: A More Complete History

Absinthe Tea by the Orange Moon Tea Society

The Orange Moon Tea Society’s Absinthe Tea, also known as Mere Henriot’s Elixir, is a very special tea. Ingredients wise it is a blend of Hyssop, Sweet Melissa, Wormwood, Anise and Fennel. We’ve also been perfecting our own green sugar cubes to make the call for the green fairy ever present in our tea’s unique absinthe ritual. It’s more than a tea though and has traveled through many generations to arrive in the hands of our Wormwood Queen, who was given that title after our society’s first absinthe tea party. The story of her family’s recipe is very special and unique to her and can be read about in her own words here.

This is by far one of our most requested teas because of the lure of absinthe and the ritual that surrounds it. Presently our Wormwood Queen is experimenting with two different methods of brewing and enjoying this tea. The first is in a very simple manner where all ingredients are present and it can be brewed and sipped like any other tea. The second contains more ritual like having a proper glass of absinthe. With something this unique we want to get it just right. So when ordering options are available they will be slightly different from our standard teas.

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Absinthe Tea, 'Mere Henriot's Elixir'