Have you ever wondered about the truly secret history of tea? Well our Pagona Talbot knows a thing or two about secrets, history and tea! And she shares with us a rich history that hides unusual characters and their strange tales of tea. This Day in Tea Pagona picks one day in history and offers our audience one of those tales. So pick a day and learn something new about the history of tea!

May 23rd, 1802 On this day in tea 1802 two very different creatures met because of a sneeze and a very unlikely friendship was born.

May 12th, 1956: On this day in 1956 Olivia perfected her own recipe for arcanus circumpono tea and the pale veil over this world and Orange Moon Downs was removed.

May 9th, 1789: On this day in tea a strange little man met an odd creature and together they chatted about the very last cup of frik moss tea the world would ever see.

May 5th, 1910: On this day in tea Caleb Castell finally succeeds in finding the fairy tale flowering tea that his mom always spoke of. Closure ensures!