Sometimes it’s hard to entice new readers into a new world. To try and help ease you into our world we offer here little snippets of our stories to give you an introduction to our world of Snapdragon Tea. Snippets might be long or short. If a full story is available information on nabbing it is included with the snippet. Some snippets belong to our tea tales and will lead you to a tea. So please! Have a look around! 🙂

The Frightener’s Society: “The book was as beautiful as it was dark and haunting. It’s rather strange design suggested it was a handmade creation and most likely one of a kind. It was covered in a very rich material, with a collage of images on the front that almost looked like a shallow shadowbox. When looking at the book standing up it almost appeared to be an eclectic theater hosting a Halloween play and all manner of costumed and bewitched characters were taking part. At the very bottom of this scene were metal letters that spelled…” -read full snippet-

Artames Moon: “Oh yes. A different name for every month of the year. This was how people in very old times kept track of their seasonal times. For those who lived here in those distant days they often called this the Milk Moon or the Full Flower Moon for this was the time when you’d see your spring flowers bringing color back into the world.” Miss Emma grew quiet for a moment as her thoughts traveled elsewhere. She looked towards the dense line of dark that was the start of the forest and a very old memory came to mind. “I once knew it by a different name though…” -read full snippet-

Introductions to Etta Diem: “It was like the fabled woman that hid behind the veil of the night needed to have her own space to belong to when the sun was keeping the shadows at bay. This place was like a whisper and breath of midnight no matter the hour of the day. Emily decided she liked it. It suited the shoppe-keep well…” –read full snippet-

Paper Doll Wars: “Miss Emma came up and put her hand on Blue’s shoulder, a moment later the house actually rocked from something that had gone boom on the third floor. Miss Emma shook her head slowly. “I would have never thought paper-dolls could be such dastardly little creatures.” -read full snippet-

Punchnersissky Punch: “The Crinkle Society became a joke name; parlor humor born from a conversation at one of the end-of-the-century affairs. One of the founding members and thus one of the oldest members was sitting at a table of new comers. He was known for his rather dry sense of humor…” -view full snippet-

The Tea Bats: “‘Is that bat… is that bat drinking tea?’ Emily asked as she stared at the little creature dangling upside down over a very delicate tea cup. The woman of the bat emporium, Flora Von Tree, casually looked back over her shoulder and nodded her head. ‘Of course he is dear. It’s tea time and Tips is a gentleman first and a bat second. Would you care for a cup? It’s Batnip. Quite the rage around Orange Moon Downs these days.’” -batnip tea-

Cirque A Circa Stories: “Then she put a small whistle to her lips and the most magical thing happened: All manner of butterflies and moths poured fourth from her trunk and moved into the little circus tent. On that day this Mirabai Jasper introduced me to her butterfly circus…” -butterfly tea-

Alphonse Mucha