Welcome to the world of Orange Moon Downs! Our society, our tales, they all originate within the Snapdragon Tea stories. You will find here our serial fiction that introduces you to our world. Our story, our introductions start through the eyes of a young girl named Emily…

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Chapter I: Orange Moon Downs is a unique place. There is no main street quite like theirs. No collective of societies quite like what you’ll find there. Orange Moon Downs is that place tucked away on the edge of a person’s dreams that just happens to be true. Emily never thought she’d wake up one day to find herself moving away from everything she knew to be in this place. It started with a loss and then a long drive. It all came to an end at the Hathor Boarding House and her great aunt Emma at the outskirts of this strange place known as Orange Moon Downs. Now everything the young woman thought to be myths are proving themselves to be true. Read Chapter I

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Chapter II: “Mab wanted to know how to get to the town but I wouldn’t hear of it in that weather. I brought her in and set her down in the kitchen and got some warm tea and food into her. I pretended not to notice as she sneaked little pieces of fruit under the wet hat she wouldn’t take off. I let her tell me the pedestrian version of her story as she warmed up. When she was done I think she finally realized she had come to an end point in her adventures. This hit her particularly hard. Mab broke down in tears. I let her have a good cry. I pretended to not see the little hand that came down from under the hat that started to softly smooth the woman’s eyebrow in an effort to comfort her.” Read Chapter II

Snapdragon Tea Chapter I