Now what are Snapdragon Tea artifacts? They are pieces of our world that you can have for your own along with our teas! We have snazzy tea cups and antique spoons. We have tea boxes and fun things. We even have our own Lenormand cards and a line of Tea Bat things! We’ll be adding items here as we have them.

Tea Bat Lenormand: “Despite Orange Moon Downs being a somewhat small place, it cannot be said their main street lacked an interesting assortment of out of the ordinary store fronts. In fact, it was the eclectic nature of their main street that tended to draw visitors in. For example: How many small towns can claim their own bat emporium? Perhaps many of them wouldn’t care for such a thing, but Flora Von Tree, also known by her cabaret name Flossie Leather Feathers, could change their mind. No visitor was ever unimpressed with Flossie’s little shop. And she ended every visit with a spot of tea and a reading from her Tea Bat cards…” -view Tea Bat deck here-