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The Frightener’s Society Continued

The Frightener’s Society Continued

PREVIOUS ENTRY HERE — “You’d better be careful with that book my dear. There’s quite a bit of history within those pages and it’s a history you cannot un-know once you know it. And when you know it…”

At the sound of the shop-keep’s breathy voice Emily jumped, startled, and immediately closed the book’s cover. She stood there stupidly staring from the ornate book to the even more ornate gray haired woman standing before her. She waited for her to finish her last sentence but Etta Diem, ever one to keep a person in suspense, left it there as she gave the teenager a good looking over.

Finally Emily couldn’t help herself. “When you know it what?” she asked.

Etta smiled, or rather smirked. Her eyes were heavy lidded and it gave her a resting stern face. The smirk took away some of that sternness and in its place gave her a look of mischief. Given the nature of her shop and what little reputation Emily had gleamed from her aunt, she was positive if there was a character description for Etta it would be that of the chaotic neutral who enjoyed stirring the pot. Flossy had been quite accurate in her description of the woman: “Picture a long lost Addam’s family aunt who deals in strange objects and stranger things. That’s our Etta.”

Etta moved casually across the dark polished wood floor and ran her hand over the top of the ornate book. Her fingers were lined with silver rings that came to an end in very neatly shaped long oval nails. They were painted a soft gray color with black delicately lining the ends. She tapped these neatly painted nails in succession against the book. Finally she continued.

“When you know, they’ll know you know. Then you’ll start seeing things. Well…” here Etta offered a very bright and sincere smile. “You’ll start to see things even stranger than what you’ve probably already seen at Miss Emma’s boarding house. This is a book of dark nights and long shadows.” Read the rest of this entry