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There is a place hidden away in the beautiful country that hides a small town that has been set outside of time. It enjoys the modern world while still continuing to look like a place caught at the height of its best moments at the turn of the century. This place is home to a variety of characters, strange places and societies. This place is Orange Moon Downs.

Orange Moon Downs was introduced to the world through short stories featured in the serial fiction Snapdragon Tea. There we met the alchemist’s daughter Pagona Talbots and her Punchnersissky Punch (it makes the tummy glow!) and her friends the Von Tree sisters who run the town’s bat emporium during the day and their bat cabaret after hours. There were the dueling tea societies in The Orange Moon Tea Society and their arch rivals The Black Cat & Poisoned Tea Society. If you wanted to buy something strange, unique or perhaps cursed you could walk down to the end of main street and stop by the dark Victorian house there that housed Etta Diem’s Attic Shoppe. And if you wandered away from town and followed the only dirt road to be found, you would eventually hit Miss Emma’s boarding house and her tenants; an exotic collection of personalities that act as satellites around Orange Moon Downs. You might bee asked into Miss Emma’s Glass House while there and meet members of The Urban Fairy Rescue League and the fae they’ve rescued. There is much to see there and much to discover.

Orange Moon Teas’ website is both a shoppe and a story; a project between friends that is born of these characters and their stories. Our story is told through the view point of Emily, Miss Emma’s young great niece, a new member to Orange Moon Downs who is discovering its magic for the first time. To add to the atmosphere of the story we created a line of unique teas and became the Orange Moon Tea Society here in the aether world. Your hosts are Bethalynne, the storyteller, and Kate, the tea maker. We like to be known by our Orange Moon nicknames though, Miss Blue and The Wormwood Queen.

When we started this project a year ago we had a very simple idea in mind: We wanted to have some fun telling some tall tales and offering some tasty teas, perhaps invite friends to a tea party. As time has marched on and people have become more interested in our tea society, it has become something bigger for us. We’ve started going to events as The Orange Moon Tea Society, to sell our wares and offer our unique storytelling and invite others to become apart of our tea society.

This is who The Orange Moon Tea Society is and we hope you stay for awhile, have a cup of tea and become apart of our tea society!

Miss Blue & The Wormwood Queen

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