A Snapdragon Tea Refresher

A Snapdragon Tea Refresher

The Orange Moon Tea Society Spirit Board created by Bethalynne Bajema

This evening we will be trekking to Ypsilanti Michigan to take tea with a wonderful group of ladies at the Ladies Literary Library. This will be the first time we meet many of you and we’ll be introducing you to our society’s teas and tales. So this post is just a quick refresher for each.

Our story begins with Snapdragon Tea, Chapter One where our young lass Emily comes to the boarding house and meets her great aunt Miss Emma for the first time. We also have a selection of snippets from short stories that offer snapshots of our town Orange Moon Downs, a very strange but delightful little place set outside of time.

And we have teas! Our teas are all unique to us and made to celebrate a person, place or event that has taken place in our Snapdragon Tea stories, except for our Absinthe Tea, which is a many generations old family recipe belonging to our Wormwood Queen. Have a look at our tea room and see what we have to offer. This evening we’ll be serving Butterfly Circus Tea, Absinthe Tea and lastly our new tea created for the Motor City Steam Con – a lovely vanilla and rum flavored tea.

It is now time for us to climb in our autos and make our way from our side of Michigan and from deep down in lower Ohio. See you all soon!

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